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Free University Admissions

The student may only send us copies of the documents required for registration And we get him a free admission to the most suitable university.

Student Housing

Our housing specialist team communicates With our admitted students in universities To suggest and offer them housing and complete The housing reservation process before the student Enters the country.

Student Residency

The legal affairs departments team expert In Turkish laws is keen to help the registered Student to submit residence request. The team arranges the application before submitting It to the university or the directorate General of Migration Management.

University Certificate Equivalence

Our team undertakes the equivalence Os university degrees issued from Outside Turkey in accordance with The official laws.

University Admissions
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Why Topaz ?

Topaz is a company that prioritizes helping foreign students in general and Arab students in particular By providing academic facilities and exceptional study discounts for students who want to study in Turkey and Sudan, Through extensive experience and continuous striving to provide the best at the academic and university level through a distinguished academic advising system for all academic levels “Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD” To shorten and save them the journey, and lead them to what they seek in the shortest possible period.

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Why Turkey ?

Turkey is a meeting point of continents, as it is a multicultural country , as it allows you the opportunity to see the world from one point! And its universities have always been among the best universities at the international level and have many international recognitions , Including recognition by the European Union. Topaz Educational Group, represented by its distinguished team with experience in the education We always strive to provide the best services to the student, and we are always available to serve our students. Our services are 100% free and we don’t charge any fees for registration in Turkish private universities.



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